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About Us

 #Inourwords apparel is an online fashion company that was created by empowered, strong and determined intergenerational women to inspire and empower girls and women of all ethnic backgrounds, ages, and cultures. We look to express our words through fashion because we recognize fashion speaks to women of all backgrounds.

Our apparel is exclusive which means different hashtags are released each month. We want to create fresh, new inspirational sayings for our customers. Each month will feature different affirmations for our customers to purchase. We want to recognize all cultures and backgrounds so we incorporate Black History month, Women’s history month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Pride and etc. We want to inspire, empower all backgrounds as much as we can and we utilize the hashtag to keep it fresh, new and millennial. We hope that our products will help influence women to live their wildest dreams. The Sky is never the limit.

Our Mission

Women often get through the day reflecting on inspirational words which motivates their inner selves.

#inourwords apparel is designed to share our favorite words with others to inspire women to be the best they can be. 

When you wear our apparel, we hope it connects you with your inner beast, inner beauty and inner ambition.

We want you to be a force to be reckoned with in the world.

We believe women can use an extra dose of inspiration and a hand on their back helping them get to the top. We hope our products encourage you to go to the top in your own life.

We are committed to inspiring girls and women one item at a time.